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    Domes Resorts

    For every journey, every celebration, every indulgence

    From iconic family resorts to uncommon escapes, the thrill of adventure resonates long after your journey ends.

    Domes Lake Algarve

    Luxurious and inspiring, for those in a relentless pursuit of their passions, opportunity beckons for a lifestyle in sync with the landscape with cosmopolitan Vilamoura near the best luxury resort in Algarve.

    Domes Lake Resort is a family luxury hotel in Algarve, Portugal nestled in a stunning landscape. With access to Praia de Falesia beach and views of Vilamoura marina, stay in palatial accommodations surrounding a private seawater lake.

    Indulge in four gourmet restaurants and two elegant bars. Enjoy our three unique pools, and rejuvenate at our signature Soma Spa. Ideally located near the Vilamoura Nature Park, it is perfect for nature enthusiasts. Our concierge service is dedicated to crafting personalized experiences, from golf and wine tasting to boating excursions.

    Domes Miramare Corfu

    If you are after a glamorous atmosphere, Miramare is a rare, preserved crown jewel from the era of aristocracy.

    With its spectacular coast, picturesque Old Town and glorious sunshine, it is no surprise that Corfu has revived its legendary status. One of the largest thriving monuments in Europe; with evident Venetian, French, British and Greek heritage, Corfu is an amalgam of cultures, a bustling city with a cosmopolitan feel and an air of aristocracy.
    Think royal palaces, cobble stone alleys and historic landmarks, nestled in an evergreen setting. Filled with open-air chic wine bars, and a host of terrace -garden gourmet restaurants with delectable Greek-Italian regional specialties, it is no wonder this UNESCO protected citadel has attracted an A-list crowd for decades.

    Domes of Elounda

    Whispers of Time: The Eternal Charm of Domes of Elounda

    Warm, scented with history, the summer breeze flows in and about the Domed suites and Villas of this iconic Mediterranean sanctuary. This standing legend of Elounda is part of a handful of global hotels that have redefined the standard of luxury accommodation time and time again. Cosmopolitan explorers, and notable guests alike, have been drawn by the allure of exclusivity into the arms of Domes of Elounda, Crete’s multi-awarded getaway.
    Emerging from the hillside, this landmark beachfront Resort, mother to Domes’ unmistakable culture of innovative hospitality and elegance, affords picture perfect views, past the vivid turquoise calm waters, of the historic Venetian castle on mythical Spinalonga Isle, spotlighted in Victoria Hislop’s bestselling novel “The Island”.

    Handpicked Destinations: Greece & Portugal's Finest

    From Greece’s sun-kissed shores and iconic beauty to Portugal’s tranquil lakeside, discover renowned, inspiring destinations with preserved geography, cultural depth, and historic charm all wrapped up in opulence and soulful hospitality. Whether seeking legendary nightlife, family adventure, or high-energy wellness retreats, every experience is transformative, meaningful, and lifelong.

    Domes Aulus Zante

    All-Inclusive Family Memories on Zante’s Most Envied Beach

    Sitting on a Natura-protected nesting beach of the loggerhead sea turtle, lie in the grass beneath the pine forest that gives the turquoise Ionian its vivid color, take cooling dips in shallow crystal waters, and experience rare marine life encounters.
    With exclusive adults-only areas, an eco-Kid’s Club garden for little ones, and two pools, adventure-seeking families & wanderlust couples experience the ideal holiday for bonding and lifetime memories. Visit cultural sites, taste the Mediterranean at five restaurants and four bars, unwind at award-winning Soma Spa, and embrace quaint villages close enough to walk to.

    Domes Noruz Chania

    Countless Magical Nights

    Welcome to Chania, the ancient coastal town where some of the most refined restaurants and bars in Greece stop the clock for summer nights that stretch into the morning.
    Punctuated with Greece’s most famous postcard beaches within driving distance, this hotspot has long been an alternative escape from legendary Meccas like Capri and Ibiza, attracting the affluent local and international urban crowd year-round, who are more tuned into the sophisticated lifestyle.
    With the full-on glamour of Mykonos, less the tourist traps and Saturday night crowds, this foremost social hub on Crete has more than its fair share of reputable party spots.A haven for culture vultures, travel back in time through the Venetian Harbour ideal for romantic morning walks or atmospheric night strolls through cobblestone alleys, and markets as you soak up some culture while you get your Greek on. 

    Domes ZEEN Chania

    The best of both worlds: Private Coast Tranquility and Chania's Lively Pulse

    A Head‐Turning Harbor of Slow Living, centered around the Greek concept of “Ef Zeen: the art of Living Well”, Domes Zeen is a beachfront cove to contemplate, reconnect, make lifelong memories and explore.
    Arrive upon an oasis of tropical vegetation, banana, and palm trees. Set above the beach, the majestic reception affords uninterrupted views over Chania town, thick bamboo fields and beyond, with a front-row seat to the mesmerising colours of the majestic Cretan sky.
    Enjoy elegant simplicity, on this secluded, pristine stretch of Cretan coast in complete privacy as you feel drawn by the energy of old Town Chania, within walking distance, beckoning you to participate in the ongoing cultural evolution of the ancient city, awash with stories and secrets.

    Domes Aulus Elounda

    5-Star Holiday with Local Adventures and Culinary Experiences

    Welcome to Domes Aulūs, nestled in the heart of cosmopolitan Elounda! Discover a fusion of conceptual 5-star and local adventures, where every stay is an all-inclusive experience with views to die for. Indulge in creative and contemporary dining offerings, all wrapped up in a value package that promises picture-perfect memories. Your unforgettable journey begins here.
    Just a short boat ride away from the Venetian Spinalonga castle, setting for Victoria Hislop’s best-selling novel “The Island”, enjoy altitude calmness with amazing 180-degree panoramic caldera views from your private pool or jacuzzi. From our private beach to the signature Soma Spa, and gourmet dining across six restaurants, plus two cliffside pools, explore ancient sites and experience an exciting evening with a free “Night-out” session for all Cool Livers at nearby Agios Nikolaos. Undeniably, Elounda’s best all-inclusive 5-star resort!

    Domes Novos Santorini

    A homage to evolving landscapes

    Embracing Santorini’s soul, Domes Novos Santorini resort is sculpted from its volcanic legacy. Walls and spaces, infused with the island’s geological poetry, reflect the interplay of light and earth as the sun’s path manifests in a breathing architectural being. Find balance and sophistication in nature, wrapped in the mystique of Cycladic artistry and the timeless beauty of the island.

    In the presence of storied sunsets, each moment is a communion with Santorini. In a heavenly ballet, the golden peach dusk brings a spectacle whispering of calm and peace. From private pool suites, witness the sun dip into the horizon, feel the day’s cares dissolve, replaced by a sense of rejuvenation. This is not just a retreat; Each day’s end promises the dawn of new, Novos beginnings.

    Domes Noruz Kassandra

    For Love, For Life, For Us

    Noruz is a stylish, 5-star hotel on the beach in Halkidiki for those tuned in to the day-life scene. Indulge in the finer things in a glamorous seaside setting, perfect for exploring one of Greece’s cosmopolitan hotspots.
    Sunkissed music, delectable cuisine at two signature restaurants, expertly crafted cocktails from the beach and lobby bars, Soma Spa, and fashionable pool parties, all contribute to a 24/7 celebration. Noruz delivers the perfect balance between chill events by day near a famous party scene.

    Domes of Corfu

    Essential Corfu… on the sand

    Enclosed amongst a magical landscape at the roots of pine and cypress-covered cliffs hovering above, the hotel is the only luxury resort in Corfu’s famous blue flag Glyfada beach. Discover four exquisite restaurants and vibrant food trucks, anchored by an open-air lively cultural hub that hosts incredible experiences.
    With three bars, an exclusive beach club, and the signature Soma Spa, relaxation and entertainment are at your fingertips. Three pools and thrilling watersports are just steps away from luxurious swim-up pool suites

    Special Offers

    For every journey, every celebration, every indulgence

    Domes Resorts provides luxury accommodations and experiences in various destinations, particularly in Greece. Their offerings typically include upscale resort stays with premium amenities, high-quality dining options, spa facilities, and personalized services catering to discerning travellers. Each hotel has its unique charm and amenities, attracting travellers seeking a luxurious and memorable vacation experience.


    So what make Domes Resorts So special?


    Iconic Destinations
    Begin your grand adventure from Athens, eelve into Mykonos’ cosmopolitan charm and lively nightlife or ascend the dramatic cliffs of Santorini for its unforgettable sunsets.
    Family Fun Highlights
    Try water sports together, or take the kids Horseback riding along ancient paths or Lead your family on an unforgettable hike back in time, through the Samaria Gorge.
    For the Connoisseur in You
    Domes Resorts serve up diversity, variety and gusto in every single dish. Endlessly inspired, expertly trained and full of passion, our chefs are on the cutting edge of gourmet creation, with expansive menus for every dietary requirement.
    In the Present. Body, Mind and Spirit.
    Indelible indulgence awaits at our signature Soma Spa, a transformative experience in the form of a holistic spa unlike any other. 
    Island Living Fashion
    As part of the Domes experience, our garment fashionistas team handpicks and showcases the latest in Island living fashion from conceptual Greek designers, and well-known international brands, to independent upcoming artisans hidden away in the islands.
    The Heart of Romance
    Marvel at the most beautiful sunset of Corfu. The two of you will soon be exactly where you need to be: center-stage of the most inspiring romantic escape where the magic happens, just like you imagined.
    Escape the Conventional, Experience the Exceptional
    A truly carefree summer, without having to worry about where and when to dine, without having to carry a wallet with you when you crave a cocktail, without having to calculate or plan anything at all.